Wednesday, 23 February 2011

SS 11, Zara Must-haves

Hi everyone (if there's anyone reading this blog! pfff)
I've been terribly busy working on a project for one of my courses at university. In the interim, I thought I should share a few must-have items of Zara's new collection :)
1-A trench coat. It's always chic and adds a whole new dimension to the outfit.
2- From Zara's FW collection, but these buttoned wedged shoes are to-die-for! I should see if I can buy them online.
3-When all else fails, and you're having a bad hair day and a bad looks day, bringing rock influences in your outfit works. A leather jacket always, always, always, works (Enough emphasis? :D). I have noticed its combination with leopard and white looks quite effortless and chic.
4-Spring and summer are on their way! Bring them maxi dresses on :) I love adding a bohemian touch to my outfit:

I would style it with those Jeffry Campbell beauties (first post). Don't forget a hat!
5-I love this dress by Zara! I would definitely style it with a beige blazer (or other nuances around this colour).
6-Knit? dress? maxi? Wait! Knit maxi dress? This is a must!
Even thinking about styling it makes me swoon with pleasure :D
7-This pleated skirt is definitely to be styled with a big knitwear:
8-Leather trousers? Of course, they are timeless! But in red too? Juxtaposed with a nude shirt! I am drooling now.
And of course, don't forget court shoes here! They have had such a come-back this season. I don't want to get into the area of colour in this post cause that's a WHOLE different area (I am only focusing on more general must-haves), but just to mention is briefly, go colour crazy:
9-Culottes! I wish this one were patterned though:
Speaking of which (patterns):

Combine numbers 1 and 2, and I wouldn't be able to stop drooling.

10-As I said, court shoes are back, but so are 70s trends(still). Combine the two, and you'll get these amazing glitter court shoes (I love Zara!):
11-On the very same page, don't forget wooden heels!


12-Androgyny, vintage, rock and roll--timeless:

13- The same trend for (messenger) bags (I am drunk with pleasure):

14-Bags!!! Shopper (tote) bags are everywhere:

15-Clutch baaaaaaaaaaaaaags (to which ChloƩ showed a great deal of love):

16-Don't forget colours (Yes, I'll get my teeth into that in another post)--spring playfulness!
(Remember those blue court shoes and the leather pants? Yes... You know what I'm thinking!)
Brim hats, leather hats, hats, hats, hats!
Round glasses, cat-eye glasses (still), nude glasses, glasses, 70's! (Ok, someone help me)

That's, I suppose, just a glimpse. I could go on forever, but let me stop now! I need to get back to that bleedin' project!

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